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Pathways Updates 7-12-2021

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Pathways Students and Families,

Happy July! Please make note of the important tasks for students and families to complete before school starts in August. If you attended an Adams 12 school last year (Pathways or another school) you will need to complete online check-in. If you attended Pathways last year, you need to complete the Learning Model Preference Survey (Past Due). All students will begin on August 18, 2021. See you soon!

Online Check-In | July 2021 | All Students that attended an Adams 12 School last year

  • Online check-in is the districtwide check-in process for families with returning students. If you have a student that was enrolled at Pathways or ANY ADAMS 12 FIVE STAR SCHOOL, you will complete online check-in.

  • Online check-in is open from July 6 through August 15.

  • This process is needed each summer for all families to verify or update primary household information, confirm their child(ren) will return to a district school this fall, and sign important districtwide documents.

  • To begin online check-in, log in to your Infinite Campus (IC) parent portal account. If you do not have an account, create one here, or contact the District Service Desk at 720-972-4120. *If you forgot your login information, you can reset your username and/or password.*

  • If you have moved, you will need to provide an approved proof of residence document. Examples: Current utility bill, mortgage statement, or lease.

  • If you have questions, please contact Tricia Carter at 720-972-8265.


Pathways Learning Model Preference Survey | RETURNING PATHWAYS STUDENTS ONLY

  • If you are going to be new to Pathways this fall, you DO NOT need to complete the survey.

  • All returning students must fill out the survey to let us know what session you intend to attend starting in August. 

  • We will be offering our normal learning sessions that run Monday through Thursday.

    Morning Session (8:00am to 10:55am)

    Afternoon Session (12:20pm to 3:15pm)

    Evening Session (4:00pm to 6:55pm)

  • We will offer an online session. You are only eligible for the online session if you were successful in the online model this past school year.

  • Please watch this Video Message for my instructions on the survey.

  • Fill out the survey below to inform us of your choice for next school year. (Past Due! Do it!)

Pathways Learning Model Preference Survey

School Begins | August 2021

  • School begins in August.

  • All students will attend orientation on August 18, 2021. More details to come!

Take care,

Pathways Administration