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Welcome to the Math department at Pathways Future Center School!

We offer blended learning courses in Integrated Mathematics I, II, and III. Our school uses the blended learning model of instruction. Students spend part of their time working with teachers, and part working (both independently and in groups) on on-line programs, printed materials, and hands-on projects.

At Pathways we abide by the Adams12 district Math Core Values, and support the Adams12 district Math Vision. (***insert core and vision)

The Adams12 school district uses an integrated (as opposed to a tradional Algebra - Geometry - Algebra) math curriculum that alligns closely with Colorado Department of Education, Common Core, and NCTM state and national standards.

Pathways uses the Adams12 district-standard Big Ideas Integrated Mathematics curriculum from (*** insert publisher)(***insert pictures)

Mathematics Classrooms

Mr. Garkie's Math Class

Subject: Math
Hi! I'm Mike Garkie and the is the web page for my math classes at Pathways. My office hours are every Friday, 9:00am - 11:00am, and from 12:30pm - 2:00pm in Room 214.  I teach Integrated Math I, Integrated Math II, and Integrated Math III...