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Social Studies

Education That Matters

Welcome to Ken’s AM/PM  Social Studies Department at Pathways

Social Studies is an interdisciplinary concentration in the social sciences at Pathways Future Center. We live in challenging times. Problems on the near horizon, including global climate change, threats of nuclear war, racism, entrenched political divisions, expanding global population, application of foreign and domestic policies, immigration vs. emigration, can lead to social despair and social decline. The students who pass through my doors will have the opportunity to acquire the tools and information they need to make effective decsions and changes in their personal lives, their communities, and their country.

Kenneth’s Course List:

U.S. History Semester 1&2

Modern World History Semester 1&2


U.S. Government

Human Geography Semester 1&2

Psychology Semester 1&2


Art History

Courses Offered for English Credit;

Film Studies

Lit to Film

Socratic Seminar

CTE (Career Technical Education) Courses Offered:


Introduction to Business Semester 1&2