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Social Studies

Education That Matters

Welcome to Pathway's Future Center Social Studies Department at Pathways

Social Studies is an interdisciplinary concentration in the social sciences at Pathways Future Center. We live in challenging times. Problems on the near horizon, including global climate change, threats of nuclear war, racism, entrenched political divisions, expanding global population, application of foreign and domestic policies, immigration vs. emigration, and Pandemics, can lead to social despair and social decline. The students who pass through our doors will have the opportunity to acquire the tools and information they need to make effective decsions and changes in their personal lives, their communities, and their country.

Click on the AM/PM Social Studies Link on the left side of this page to access Ken's online school page.

Edgenuity Course completion rate should be no less than 91% as of...07/APR/2020

Anything less than this will warrant a 0 for progress...

That does not mean you are failing-not an academic grade-just means you are not on track to finish the class for H5.

However, if you do not complete the course, you will receive an F for that course. That is an academic grade and will require a grade change upon successful completion of the incomplete course.


If you have been assigned and completed classes that are not in your IC (infinite Campus) schedule be XTRA sure to touch base with your teacher and counselor.

This is EXTREMELY important for making sure you get credit for classes you've completed and making sure that credit is reflected on YOUR TRANSCRIPT.

Words of Wisdom

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