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Work Based Credit

Welcome to the Work Based Credit Department

Work Based Program

At Pathways we have a Work Based program where students have the opportunity to work, volunteer, and /or intern in order to earn general elective credits. Students need to meet with Gerri to get started and approved for the program.  Students may earn up to a maximum of 4 credits. 

Students who are employed and receiving paychecks are able to earn a credit for every 250 hours. Students who are volunteering or interning are able to earn a credit for every 125 hours.  In addition to hours, all students need to submit a signed contract, present a powerpoint presentation, and have a manager or supervisor complete an evaluation form. For those students who are volunteering or interning, their managers or supervisors are required to write a letter of verification of their job tasks in addition to the other requirements.

If you are employed or are interested in this program go to

Gerri's Work Based Website