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Pathways Future Center School is a a school of choice in the Adams 12 Five Star School District.  We work with students between the ages of 17 and 20 who are looking for an alternative education setting that combines online learning with face to face classes.  Students attend school for approximately three hours per day.  We offer three different sessions: morning, afternoon, and evening.  Students attend one of the three sessions, Monday-Thursday, and then also spend between 12 and 15 hours per week working on online curriculum outside of the school.  There are office hours on Fridays for students to access teachers for help. A student can work on online coursework anywhere that has internet access.  

There are three education programs offered at Pathways Future Center School: Traditional Adams 12 Diploma, Competency Based Adams 12 Diploma, and Credit Recovery classes. Please see the Our Programs section of the website for details.

The Pathways school calendar is divided into six grading periods instead of the traditional two grading periods found in most schools.  Our grading periods are called hexters.  In each hexter, a traditional diploma student is scheduled for classes that will earn 1.5 credits.  This allows students to earn 9 credits in a school year in a standard schedule.  Students have the opportunity to accelerate this pace through additional online classes and work based credit opportunities.  We take new students at the beginning of each of the six hexter grading periods throughout a school year.

Because Pathways is a school of choice, it must be a good fit for each student.  The enrollment steps outlined on this page will guide you through the process of becoming a Pathways student.

Enrollment Steps

We are currently on summer break. If you are interested in enrolling at Pathways for the fall of 2021, you will need to follow the steps outlined below. It will involve watching a virtual information slide show, completing our online application, and having the student participate in an interview with an administrator. Once you have completed the steps below, we will contact you after July 5, 2021 to inform you of next steps. We are currently accepting a small number of students for Hexter 1. Please note, our Competency Based Diploma Program is currently full and students interested in this diploma will be put on a waiting list. Session choices are currently limited. Remember, students must be at least 17 years old and live in the Adams 12 Five Star Schools boundaries to attend Pathways. We are not accepting students that live out of Adams 12 boundaries. Please use these steps:

1. Watch the Virtual Information Slideshow. This will give you the basics of Pathways to make sure it is a school that you feel will fit your needs.

2. Complete our Pathways Online Application. Make sure to fill out this form with accurate contact information so that our staff can contact you for next steps. We will need accurate phone and email information. Please make sure that your voicemail is set up on your phone.

3. We are currently on summer break. Our staff will reach out to you after July 5, 2021 to inform you of next steps. All students wishing to attend our school must interview with an administrator. 

4. If you last attended a school that is not part of the Adams 12 Five Star Schools system, you will need to have your transcript, IEP or 504 if applicable, and attendance/discipline records in order to participate in your interview.

5. If you are accepted, you will receive registration instructions from your interviewer. You will not be enrolled at Pathways until you have been accepted.

Additional Information

If you have questions about the enrollment process, please feel free to contact the school.