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Enrollment Update

Pathways Future Center School Enrollment

Pathways is currently accepting students for the 2018-2019 school year.  If you are interested in our program, please attend an information session to determine if this is a program that would be a good fit.  Please see the calendar on this website for future information sessions. Attending an information session is the required first step of the enrollment process.  For more information on the enrollment process, visit the Enrollment Page on our website.  We will be saving a few slots for students who missed their senior deadlines. Please let us know if you have students that fit that category. We will be able to help with an on-time graduation.  We are not currently accepting out of district students.

Extensions Enrollment

We offer credit recovery for students attending the comprehensive high schools in Adams 12 Five Star Schools.  Students needing to make up failed classes for graduation are encouraged to meet with us regarding options to complete courses.  Credit recovery students attend our evening session two times a week.  See your home school counselor for more information on credit recovery at Pathways Future Center School.  You can find the enrollment paperwork on the Enrollment Page on our website.