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Isolation and Quarantine Information *NEW*

Dear Five Star Families and Staff,

Happy New Year and welcome back! As we start the second semester, see below important reminders and updates regarding coronavirus in our community and its impact on schools.

Isolation and Quarantine Information *NEW*
We will continue to follow our local public health orders and guidance as it pertains to coronavirus in our community. We will follow the revised isolation and quarantine guidance from the CDC and recommended by the Metro Denver Partnership for Health (MDPH). Both Tri-County Health Department and Broomfield Public Health are members of MDPH.

  • Positive COVID test: Anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 needs to isolate at home for at least 5 days before returning (and resume mask wearing) to school, as long as symptoms are greatly improving and there is no fever (without the use of fever reducing medication) for 24 hours. Cough is significantly improved - not a disruption to self or others and can safely & appropriately wear a mask.

  • Exposed to an individual who tested positive: If you are unvaccinated or experiencing symptoms, you must remain at home, get tested and follow up with local public health. If you are fully vaccinated, and not experiencing symptoms, you do not need to quarantine. 

Potential Staffing Shortages at Individual Schools
Given the increase in coronavirus cases, and some staff needing to isolate, there is the possibility that individual schools/grade levels/courses may need to temporarily implement remote learning. If this is the case, your child’s school will notify you directly.

Reporting positive cases
In order to keep our school communities healthy, it’s important to continue reporting positive COVID cases for your child. If your child is symptomatic or has received a positive COVID test result, please leave a message on your school’s attendance line and follow the prompts. 

COVID Vaccine and Boosters
Staff and students are strongly encouraged to get their vaccine and/or booster if they are eligible if they haven't done so already. More information about COVID-19 vaccines and the boosters can be found on the district website. As guidance from public health continues to evolve, the COVID vaccines and boosters may be required to keep students and staff out of quarantine when exposed. 

​​​​​​​Anyone who thinks they might have COVID-19 should get tested. The district has requested rapid tests in bulk from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). That request is pending with CDPHE. In the meantime, families and staff members can go to a local testing site. To request BINAX At-Home Testing Kits from CDPHE or for more information, visit

As we’ve learned over the past two years, and as we see an increase of coronavirus cases in our community, it's important to remember that guidance from public health can change at any moment. We will do our best to share the most updated guidance as it is available.