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Infinite Campus Mobile Application Instructions

The purpose of the Infinite Campus app is to allow you to access your Campus Portal account from anywhere, anytime from your Android or iOS device. The Mobile Portal displays the following information:

·       Assignments

·       Attendance

·       Daily Planner

·       Food Service*

·       Grades

·       Schedule

*If the school is not using or has not enabled access to Campus Food Service, you will not be able to view this on the app

Before you download the Infinite Campus app, you have to create a District ID in your browser:

·       Open Chrome, Explorer, Safari or any browser of your preference and navigate to your Infinite Campus Portal through the shortcut on

·       Sign in

·       Click on the “Get Your District ID” button

·       This will show your District ID that you will use to sign in to the Campus Portal app

Now download the Infinite Campus app:

·       Go to the Play store (Android devices) or the App store (on iOS devices)

·       Search for “Campus Portal” in the search box

·       Select and download the Campus portal app

·       Open the app and login using the District ID (from above), username and password

·       Once logged in, select the student calendar you wish to view (if you have multiple students enrolled)

IMPORTANT!! The portal does not refresh automatically, you have to press the refresh button at the top left-hand side of the screen for your data to be updated.